August Update

Hello all! Thank you so much for your continued support financially and through prayers! This past month has kicked started our semester as we have been meeting new students on campus and telling them about FOCUS! 

TWU Dallas Core Leaders!

This semester I am at both SMU and TWU Dallas' campus. At both campuses we had outreach events and our first week of cores this month! Both went so well and I can see God working at both campuses in powerful ways. I'm going to share just a few highlights with you.

Our Coffee House event at SMU during Welcome Week!

At SMU we had our first cores (small groups) on campus this past week. This past Tuesday in core, we read the story in Mark 1 about Jesus' healing of the man with leprosy. We talked about how Jesus showed this man compassion in a very powerful way. We also talked about what it looks like to show compassion to people in our society that are often considered "untouchable." Something one student shared was how an untouchable, or someone we may shy away from befriending, might be someone we are actually intimidated by. We talked about how this was a lie and how with Jesus, we do have something valuable to bring to every person, the love of our Lord! Our discussions and prayer times were so encouraging and I cannot wait to see what God continues to do at SMU! 

One of our Cores (small groups) at TWU Dallas 

At TWU Dallas, we had a, "Surviving School Event" where we brought in coffee and baked treats and made fun "survival bags for students during their first week at school! We had an awesome turn out and got to have great conversations with so many students! There was a group of nursing students that stayed for almost the whole event, just laughing and sharing stories with one another. This group even helped us clean up at the end of the event! Seeing these students engage in genuine fellowship is such a rarity at TWU Dallas and it has been one of my prayers for years! I am so excited for this next semester and believe that God is going to do life changing things in the lives of our students. 

Some students at our Surviving School Event being cute!

Students at our Surviving School event getting to know one another!

Please continue to pray as we enter this next month. Our staff and student leaders will still be continuing fervent efforts to reach students through outreach events and inviting those in their classes. Pray for boldness for the student leaders and a genuine compassion for those around them. Also pray that the students have open hearts to join a community where they can learn about God and grow fruitful friendships. 

Thank you all again for your continued support! 


  1. Hey Amber! It looks like you guys really enjoy those string lights :) I love the idea of a "Surviving School" event - you guys should definitely repeat that one around finals time. Thanks for the hard work you've been putting into loving the women at two different campuses! Keep it up!


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