September Update

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your continued support financially and through prayers. September has been jam-packed and there has already been so much fruit that has been visible at TWU Dallas and SMU!

SMU Students getting dinner one night! And Kurt (left) being silly 

For both campuses, a huge highlight this month was Fall Camp! Fall Camp is a weekend where we go with students to a camp right outside of Dallas to spend time growing friendships and growing in our relationship with God. This year, we combined TWU Dallas and SMU and had Fall Camp together. During our time, we talked about the book of Ecclesiastes and discussed how we can often get so focused on building our own empires and on worrying about the anxieties of tomorrow. We forget that Jesus has called us who are weary to come to Him for rest and to let Him be God. We have forgotten that everything in this life will pass away, but our faith in Christ will not! 

Some students at Fall Camp impromptu worshipping! 

There was a student at Fall Camp that shared about how in this season of her life, things aren’t going exactly the way she hoped or planned. There have been setbacks that she wasn’t expecting or planning for. She felt like God was calling her to trust Him, in His timing and His plans for her life and to relinquish control. There were so many other students that shared about how God spoke to them that weekend and how they were thinking through what it looks like to let go and let God take control of their lives!

Playing games at Fall Camp!

Another highlight has been the growing women’s ministry at SMU. Our student leaders are working hard to meet students on campus and have begun to set up one-on-one bible studies with them! It has been so encouraging to see God bringing girls into our ministry at SMU. Because of this growth, the Dallas FOCUS team and I have decided that I transition to being full-time at SMU to serve the growing needs of the ministry. Sarah Glenesk (one of our FOCUS staff members) will be taking over my role at TWU Dallas. I know that she will do an awesome job leading the women there.

Group picture of the students that came to Fall Camp! 

I am so excited to get to invest my time at SMU and reaching the women on that campus. Please continue to pray for the hearts of the students on both TWU and SMU campuses and for our student leaders as they meet these students on campus! Also please pray for me as I transition to being full time at SMU and that God would lead me to the students He wants me to meet! 

Thank you again for your faithful support and prayers! 


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