October Update

Hello there!! I am so excited to share about what has been going on in ministry this October!
It has been a great month and God has definitely been at work! I could share so much but I am going
to narrow it down to just a few highlights!

At the beginning of this month, we had our Thursday Night Fellowship gathering. These are our once
a month large group meetings where we spend time worshipping and learning about a specific topic
or area in our faith. This month, we talked about what it looks like to take up our cross in our lives
and how to put God first in our lives. We had worship stations that students rotated through towards
the end of service. One of the most moving was an activity where we had students write down on an
index card something they are having a hard time surrendering to God. They then were encouraged
to put this index card on the cross and spend time praying to God about surrendering that particular
thing to Him. The responses we got back from students were amazing! We had students share how
they put their own desires, purposes, and visions before God. But also, how they wanted to start putting
God first. One student wrote down this prayer, “Oh God, shape my heart to desire you.” God is working
in the hearts of our students in powerful ways and I am so excited to be a part of it!

One of our worship stations (mentioned above)

We also had our leadership conference this month! We learned about the importance of growing in
a love for God’s word and using it in our lives to minister to and disciple others. One of the most
convicting points for me was that if I am not reading God’s word, I am trying to help others out of my
own wisdom instead of God’s! Both I and so many students gained so much from this conference!
You can go listen to some of the audio at https://anyfocus.org/resources/media-page/

Leadership Conference 

Please continue to pray for our Laurence (SMU FOCUS Staff) and I as we lead at SMU as well as
our student leaders. Please pray that we look to God for his wisdom and discernment and not to
our human strength.

Thank you again for your continued support! I am sincerely grateful for your generosity both
through prayers and financial means. I am praying for each of you and hope you enjoy
Thanksgiving this upcoming month and are surrounded friends and loved ones!

Students at our Fall Fun Fest


  1. Hey Amber! I am thankful for your commitment to serving students and your flexibility as things change quickly and God does the unexpected.

    I am encouraged to see your students taking God's call seriously and committing to sacrifice the other things that they put ahead of him. That's an ongoing struggle for most of us, but it begins with a sincere faith in Jesus and an openness to what He wants to do in our lives. And you have played a part in moving students toward that faith! Thanks for sharing!


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