November Updates!

Hello friends and family! Fall is officially here! And with it, so many exciting things happening in ministry! I am so excited to share the following highlights with you! 

At our Thursday Night fellowship this month we discussed prayer. We talked about how we often fail to make prayer a priority in our lives and are often more preoccupied with the day-to-day things that just seem more urgent. But we see in the gospels that Jesus stopped and took time to just be with His Father. As Jesus' disciples, we are called to do the same! We took time during our fellowship meeting to each be alone with God and seek Him. One of the students remarked to me that focusing on the importance of prayer was exactly what she needed to hear after having a rough semester! How good is God??

Pizza Theology Event on "The Story of Scripture"
(You can listen to the audio for this event here! )

We also had our Friendsgiving the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! We had a potluck style dinner and everyone got to bring a little something! We had so much fun talking, laughing and playing our favorite game, "Sardines" (if you aren't familiar with this game, it is essential reverse hide and seek). The students loved getting this time of fellowship together and I had one student text me after about how glad she was that she was able to come and how much fun she had with everyone! I was reminded of how God is working in the hearts of our students at SMU and answering our prayer we had from the start of the semester: to build genuine Christ-centered community on campus. I have seen God faithfully answering this prayer and I know He will continue to do so!

Friends at Friendsgiving! (Sorry I am the only one not ready!)

Lastly, this month we had our Keep Focus Growing Fundraiser! The goal of this fundraiser was to raise support so we can continue to grow and reach campuses in the DFW area! Only a small fraction of the students on our campuses are involved in a Christian ministry, and many schools in DFW are void of Christian community altogether. The fundraiser was held this past Tuesday, November 27th. Some of our generous donors banded together and agreed to match up to $29,000 in total donations during this campaign. So if we received $29,000 in total contributions, they would kick in a SECOND $29,000! And I am so excited to say...that we did it! The generosity of others was so beautiful to me and reminds me so much of Christ! Thank you SO much to all who gave and to those who were praying! You ALL will have an impact on the lives of college students in such profound ways! You can still give at or at 

Thank you ALL again for your generous financial and prayerful support during my apprenticeship. God has an amazing vision for campus ministry and I am so excited that we (including you!) get to be a part of it! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to spend time with those you love! 


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