New Year, New Chapter: August Updates

Hey guys! God has been doing so much in these past couple weeks and I am so excited to share a bit with you! Thank you all again for your generous support so that we can do campus ministry on our college campuses. It truly wouldn't be possible without you all believing in the importance of campus ministry and deciding to invest!

This past week we had our first week back at TWU Dallas and SMU! This week was full of welcome events, meeting a ton of new students and God being SO faithful in the hearts of our students!

 A few of our student leaders at SMU and TWU Dallas 

Throughout this whole week, I have been blown away by not just the number of students that have come to our events, but the number of those students that are truly interested in deepening their relationship with God and being part of a community that is committed to Christ and to one another! I wanted to share a few sound bite stories with you, just to give you a glimpse into this past week and how good God has been!

At TWU Dallas we have nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy students. I got to meet many students that had been hoping and praying to find small groups and community on campus and were so excited about what God is doing through FOCUS. One student shared with me that she had recently moved from out of state and was seeking God and community. Moving to a new place with all new people was hard and she had been wondering if she would find a place where she could grow her relationship with God and find friends who wanted to do the same! When she found out about FOCUS, she was excited and immediately interested in coming to one of our small groups on campus! This is just one of many stories of students that are seeking God and seeking a group of people that they can seek God with. And I believe God is doing that through FOCUS! I am SO excited to see what God is going to do at TWU Dallas this year and the lives he will transform there!

One of our TWU Dallas Welcome week Events!

Rock climbing with a PT student!

At SMU, we have one of the largest freshman classes this year! And what is even more exciting is truly how many of these students are truly seeking to deepen their relationships with Christ. We had many welcome week events this past week (see pictures below) but by far my favorite was our Thursday Night Fellowship. There, we had 25 students (a record for SMU!) who came together to worship and talk about God together. What was even more encouraging was there were students that were trying to figure out what a relationship with God looked like during their time in college and although they had a lot of questions, were seeking God and being open with where they were at with their peers! I cannot state how unique and absolutely incredible this is!! Freshman, who could be doing anything during their time in college, are choosing to seek God and want to find out more about Him! Praise God!!

SMU Capture the Flag Event! 

SMU Capture the Flag Event

Although welcome week is over, things are just getting started for this year! Please be praying for our student leaders, that they would be meeting students on campus and casting their nets wide with who they invite to small group and into their lives! Also, be praying for student's hearts at TWU and SMU, that they would continue to be open and seeking God and community to grow in during their time in college! And lastly, please pray for Laurence, Sandra and I as FOCUS staff members, that we would continue to stay rooted in the vine that is Jesus! Without staying rooted first in Him, we cannot proclaim Him to others!

Thank you all again for your support and investment in college ministry and God's Kingdom! I am so excited about all that God is going to do this year on our campuses! Check out some more pictures below!

Albert (my boyfriend and FOCUS alumni) snaggin some photos at SMU's Org Fair!

Games on the Lawn Event at SMU  

Games on the Lawn and impromptu frisbee at SMU 


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