Fall is Here (maybe) - September Updates!

Hello everyone! There have been so many awesome things that God has been doing in campus ministry this month! I am so excited to share with you what YOU are making possible on our SMU and TWU Dallas campuses! 

So here we go...

The event I am most excited to share with you is...Fall Camp this month! Fall Camp is our midsemester camp where we take our college students to spend a weekend forming friendships, focusing on God and hopefully get a vision for why community is so important. This year, we had TWU Dallas and SMU do camp together! Our theme was steadfast and we spent our sessions talking about how God is steadfast in different ways and how we are called to be steadfast in those same areas. We also played a lot of fun (and super silly) games and got to just hang out with each other. I can honestly say that this Fall Camp was one of our best yet! I watched as God transformed and deepened friendships in our community and students spent time worshipping, praying and thinking thoughtfully about God. And for me personally, I felt so refreshed!! See below for some pictures that I think say so much more about how camp was! 

The next thing I want to share with you is just how faithful God has been in bringing people into our community, both at TWU Dallas and SMU, that are genuinely seeking God and seeking real friendships. I had a discussion with a student that shared that what she valued most in FOCUS, were the personal and authentic relationships she felt like she had with people there. This is so exciting because I believe that REAL community is where REAL change happens. And I see God doing it already! 
This is personally so encouraging because I have found myself discouraged by disappointments in ministry or even just feeling so tired and drained a lot this month. Seeing God work in our students despite these things is so good! And I am reminded continually that God works most in us during the storms, not when everything is going great. I am reminded too, that even in the storms, God is sovereign and is a good Father! This is such good news! 

Hanging out after TNF!

 Handmade pizzas after small group!

Thursday Night Hangout (our monthly outreach event!)

Also, SMU is undefeated in football right now!! WHOOP WHOOP!

I am so excited to see what God will continue to do in our communities! And I think He is teaching me what it looks to trust Him in it all- which is also exciting even though it may not feel good sometimes! Thank you all so SO much again for your support, both financially and prayerfully! It is so encouraging to know that I have an entire community that is standing by my side and believes in the power of campus ministry! Thank you! 


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