October Fun

Hello everyone! First, thank you all again for your support and investment in campus ministry. I have been thanking and praising God for all that he is doing at SMU and TWU Dallas, because it is Kingdom work!! And I’m really excited that I get to share that work with you! 

Secondly, who can believe we are already in November?? Where did October go!?

Our Halloween Party!

Me and Albert's (my boyfriend) costume as a crocodile and Steve Erwin! 

So many cool things have happened this month and I have seen God working in my life and in the lives of others. 

I want to start by just sharing a few stories with you that have been encouraging and uplifting to me. 

The first is a story I got to hear from an exchange student at SMU. She is from Mongolia and recently moved here to pursue her master’s degree. Right before she moved to America, she started going to a bible study that her boss at the law firm she worked for was putting together. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Mongolia isn’t the friendliest place for Christians, so the fact that her boss was openly hosting a bible study is incredible and evidence of God working! And what is more incredible is that through this bible study, she accepted Christ for the first time! I was so encouraged that I asked her to share her testimony at one of our worship nights on Thursday! God is working even on the other side of the world and it is so cool to see!

Another story is from a student at TWU Dallas. She grew up in a family that didn’t really talk about Jesus but has recently become interested in Christianity. She is studying the bible with one of our student leaders and for the first time is considering following Jesus and giving her life to Him!! She is so close to the kingdom and it is so cool to see God using us to be a part of that!

I could probably go on for hours about the work that God is doing on our campuses but for now, I just want to leave you with these stories as a reminder and encouragement that God is working powerfully around us and through us!

FOCUS Dallas Staff team 

SMU Students at the Climbing Gym  

Our TWU Small Group

Our Leadership Conference 

Thank you all for your continued investment in campus ministry and ultimately in our students! It wouldn't be possible without you!


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