Summer Update!

Hey everyone! I can't believe another summer is coming to a close and another school year is about to start! This has been an eventful summer and has often felt like a roller coaster. But despite the craziness, I still have seen God work in amazing ways and use even some the hardest of times to bless myself and others! 

The school year is quickly approaching and one of the questions our ministry team has been thinking about is "what will ministry look like this school year?" The truth is that only God knows! As COVID-19 continues to surge across the country, there is a lot of uncertainty for SMU, TWU Dallas and for all of our campuses across DFW. Right now, SMU is planning to allow students the option of in-person classes, online classes, or hybrid classes. TWU Dallas will be offering mostly online lectures with in person clinicals and labs. 

While this school year will look different, our mission and vision is the same: to make and mature disciples to the glory of God. I believe that while this year will present challenges, it is often through trials that God grows his people in ways that we never could without hardship. COVID will force us to change, be creative and rely more on God's Spirit than we have before. I also believe that our student leaders, now more than ever, will be the main ones meeting new students and inviting them to core and bible studies. This trial will spur them to grow as disciples and I believe God's kingdom will grow because of it. 

I would eagerly invite you to pray with me for this upcoming school year, especially these first few weeks of school. We will have students that are in person, online or a combination of both. I invite you to pray with me that God would open doors to connect with these students and that their hearts would already be ready and open to receive the message of Christ. Additionally, please pray for our new team of student leaders. None of them have ever lead core before, but all of them are more excited than any previous leader team at SMU and TWU Dallas to go and make disciples this year.

  I  also want to take a second to thank you all for your continued financial support as ministry partners. Even in the midst of financial uncertainty you all continue to give and invest in campus ministry. Thank you for your support!

Before I close, I also wanted to give you guys a few life updates! I got married about a week ago and went on a honeymoon to Florida for a few days with Albert, my husband (crazy that I can call him that now!). There is so much I can say about our wedding, honeymoon and new marriage. But the biggest thing that has stood out to me through all of it is how immensely blessed Albert and I are. We are surrounded by wonderful friends and family who have lavished us with generosity and love that we have done nothing to earn. In the same way, I have realized how good our Father is for giving us the gift of marriage! It is such a sweet gift and am blown away that God gave me such a loving, thoughtful and kind husband!! I would invite you to be praying with me that God help ground both of us in Him and that our marriage would be used not for ourselves but to build His kingdom. 

Check out some pictures from the wedding! (There are also more on Facebook!)

Love you all so much and I am so grateful for each one of you!


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