August to September-Updates from our first month of ministry

 It has been a whole month back into ministry and although things look so different this semester- this has remained constant- that God has been faithful and at work in our TWU Dallas and SMU campuses.

I am so excited to share a few updates with you guys and especially how I have seen God moving.

I left my post last time asking for you all to join me in prayer for our Welcome Week that we had almost a month ago. Your prayers were heard because this was one of our most successful welcome weeks yet- despite COVID! Not only did we get to meet a number of students- but a large portion of the students we've met have really dove into community and have been serious about being a part of campus ministry!

I think within SMU's women's ministry- one of the most encouraging moments was in core (our small groups that meet weekly) the first week of school. We asked the girls what they were most excited about that they recently discovered on campus and over half of them said our core was what they truly were most excited for! And I have seen that those weren't just words. These girls have been so excited about learning about God and opening up their lives to one another. I see the Spirit moving in each of them and such a big vision and dream for each of them. 

I also have been so encouraged by our SMU leader team this year and want to make sure I take some time to brag on them! Not only have they did they rock it at welcome week, showing up to every event excited and ready to meet students- but they also have been pursuing friendships with students and seeking to connect with them in meaningful ways. Ruth and Laura (our two women student leaders at SMU) have been such a sweet encouragement to me and I am so grateful to have them on our leader team. In this first month, they have created friendships with new students and are starting to do 1:1 bible studies with them! I am so encouraged to see how God is using each of them on our campus!

And I of course can't brag on SMU with bragging on my alma-mater-TWU Dallas!! We have an amazing team of girls on our leader team there. We had welcome week virtually and although this wasn't ideal by any stretch, our TWU Dallas student leaders faithfully invited students through their online classes, friends at TWU and anywhere they could find! And throughout these first few weeks, I have seen where God has worked through their faithfulness! We have had so many new girls come to core-mainly through their invitation. And now our leaders are starting to do 1:1 bible studies with them and I can't wait to see how God works in each of them!

Throughout this first month of ministry, I am reminded by how faithful God is. We recently read the book of Ruth in our women's core and one of the main themes is that God is faithful to work, even in the background of our lives. And it's sometimes not until later that we look back and see all the places He has been working. In this season, I have been reminded of God's faithfulness at SMU and TWU Dallas and look back and reflect on all that He has done to bring us to the place we are at now. 

I would invite you,  especially if you are in a season of trail, to reflect on how God has been faithful in your life. The power of remembering is a practice we see employed time and time again in scripture and I think it's for a reason. I know in my life, through remembering how God has been faithful in the past, I can remember how He will continue to be faithful even in my current situation. 

Thank you all again for your support in campus ministry! I couldn't do ministry without your support!! I am so excited to share with you next month how God is working in the lives of our students!

As always, check out some pictures from our first month of ministry!

Our two amazing SMU core leaders- Ruth and Laura!

Sierra, a TWU Dallas Student, and I did a 12 hour climbing competition! Our team name was "The Sending Scrubs"


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